The utlimate custom technique thread.

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The utlimate custom technique thread.

Post by Polkjm on Tue Apr 30, 2013 8:28 am

There it is, the new code arrived and I forgot to put this thread back. Not much has changed apart from the addition of possibilities, so it will be similar to the former thread.

Welcome my friends to the ultimate awesome custom techniques thread. Being the first topic ever,(someone beat me to it) I will try to make this nice and short as it should be. The goal of this thread is for people to share their discoveries with the entire community. Everything is accepted, not only vigor releases and stuff.

When you post a reply, please put all your submissions, and future ones, in the same post to keep this properly organised.

Here is a basic template and example that you do not have to follow, as long as we can understand it.
(only put the abilities you have to buy)
[b]Required abilities:[/b]

[b]Abilities to use in order:[/b]



Name: Fireball
Shoots a fireball in front of you
Required abilities:
Nature Transformation
Fire affinity

Abilities to use in order:

1:Vigor mold 15 or more (recommend 50-60
2:Release Molded vigor - 10
3:Nature Transformation: Fire
4:Vigor control Commands:

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