More options for released vigor

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More options for released vigor

Post by Polkjm on Wed May 01, 2013 2:12 am

When you start out the game, you ask yourself what the hell you're doing. when you make your first elemental ball, you tell yourself you are awesome. When you make a skill that wiggles balls around you then propulses them to the enemies your self-confidence raises accordingly. When you realise the possibilities are not as endless as your infinite thirst for creation would like, you come to the forum and make this thread.

Vigor releases and control are amazing. You can do an insane amount of things with those skills, but it could really be more endless. I suggest simply these few skills that would multiply the possibilities by an amount I did not calculate.

Vigor Split:
This skill would be amazing for many uses and I didn't think about all of them yet. You set an ID of a released vigor ball, A /new/ ID for the created ball, a certain position relative to the direction the ball is facing, and a vigor value. It then /splits/ the vigor release in two by transferring some of the vigor inside the set ID tile to a new tile in the direction that was set. If you input a value larger than what the ball had in store, it just transfers all its energy and disappears.

Vigor Explosion:
Maybe not as versatile, but very useful nonetheless. It makes a released vigor ball explode, simply put. This works differently for all elements, fire being the best for this ability, or something. You set an ID of a released vigor ball, a radius, and it blows up. The bigger the radius, the smaller the damage.

Vigor Stenghten:
This is the one that will probably need the most revising. I saw how earth and water act differently than the other elements in that they are supposed to block attacks and movement while the others deal damage to those standing inside but can be passed through. However, a wall of earth does not defend nearly enough from a single, medium-vigored (new word: vigored) bolt of any element and you can just punch it a couple times to make it crumble like sand. This skill works for every element but is intended for earth or water defensive releases. The goal of this is to input a small amount of vigor into releases to make it's still effects stronger, at the cost of not being able to move it. For earth and water, it makes it much more durable. For lightning, wind and fire, it deals more damage to things standing on it. I think this skill is pretty important for defensive wall-like spells that really need that boost to actually block any semi-powerful attack. Might also be fun if someone makes a prison spell (they could use vigor split in conjunction with this, oh the possibilities).

The on hit command:
This stops the spell like the wait command but only resumes when a certain defined vigor release was about to hit a target. A very important thing to have is the option to have it stop the vigor control that wanted it to move so that it can perform another action than colliding with the target. I don't know about coding it so it would interrupt the vigor control that was telling it to move, but I think it would be the solution. This allows for simple things, like the release exploding in front of the target and making an aoe instead of crashing, making the release wall off the guy using Vigor Split, prevent your attack from hitting you if you planned it out, or actually time the ability chain to the moment your bolt hits the target and release something else only if your target gets hit. If the bolt hits nothing the ability is interrupted entirely.

I think all of these would be a great asset to the avid spell-maker/experimenter. Might add more stuff later when I think up more good (keyword: good) ideas.

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Re: More options for released vigor

Post by Taeivas on Wed May 01, 2013 2:52 am

Speaking of the whole Vigor Control in general I removed the whole old system and employed a new one, it might appear to be more complex, but is really more convenient and allows some new options and control methods to take place. It resembles more to a programming language now.

But coming back to the Vigor Split, indeed it is very useful, it has been on my to do list for quite some time, but I didn't add it because I was sure I was going to revamp the Vigor Control in general and thus would have been a fool's errand.

The vigor explosion and strengthening features you speak of are already within my calculations, if I may say so. I already deleted the previous elements system and with the new system I can give different elements unique commands.

The new system will allow more functionality, for example it can allow the user make the released Vigor to react to specific trigger like someone stepping on it or being in close proximity, which would execute a certain set of commands.

Thank you for the input.

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